Why Use Internet Marketing? Beginners Internet Marketing.

So how many people do you think were looking online for your product or business last month?  Will they find you or your competitor? 
When I first heard the words website I cocked my head to the side like a confused dog as I tried to figure out what kind of glasses you wear to have special web sight.  I thought pay-per-click was the terminology for the little rat in a cage that clicks on the lever and and a cheese pellet comes down the shoot.  Okay you get the picture…I knew nothing about the internet.  Little did I know I would be marketing successfully on the internet a short time later.

I remember the first time I was told to go to the internet for information when I was in business college writing a research paper. I was told that online was the best and fastest way to get up to date information on all the topics I needed to write a fabulous report. The fact that it would save me time was big for me because I was sleeping about four hours a night, living alone, and working full-time just to put myself through college. Saving time was like winning the lottery. I was excited. Unfortunately I didn’t know what the internet was. I was too embarrased to ask since it seemed like everyone else in the class was one of those search engine optimizer geeks or however you say it.

The internet used to be more complicated than it is today and it shows by the current amount of users at nearly 2 billion. Writing this article in the month of December reminds me of how easy Christmas shopping has become because of online stores. Don’t get me wrong I love to buy gifts for my family but I despise standing in line just as much. I am one of those people that even when I was a poor college student in Las Vegas I was happy to slip the night club door host next weeks lunch money just to skip the line.  I hate lines but shopping is fun now. A few clicks, enter a credit card, and it’s delivered to my door.

Why should an entrepreneur start marketing online? That’s easy…because that is where the buyers are with credit cards in their hand.  I’ve read as much as 70% of people go to the internet before making a buying decision on anything. 

Online tools today allow you to develop relationships with your customers and partners even across borders and local businesses can go national.  Heck if two of my friends can find love online there is every reason to believe you can do business online.  You can truly work from home without ever getting out of your pajamas.

The problem lies with the intimidation factor. Most people believe it takes incredible technical skill to market online. I can tell you that it does not.  A motivated person can have an internet presence in a couple weeks for three reasons.

  1. There are several ways to market on the internet that require no technical skill like social networks and classified ads just like the newspaper.
  2. Some of the powerful marketing techniques can be learned by someone with a high school reading level and almost no knowledge of computers or web terminology at minimal expense.
  3. You can use the internet to find partners to take care of anything too technical for you at incredibly low prices.  You just have to know where to look.
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