What is Pay Per Click? How Can It Make Me Money?

Pay-Per-Click may be the perfect advertising concept ever created.   This advertising method allows the average entrepreneur on a limited budget the chance to compete with bigger companies.  A little savvy is just as important as the amount of money a major company or home business entrepreneur  has to spend on advertising online.

To understand PPC we should first discuss traditional advertising.  During an episode of friends you may see an American Express commercial.  American Express pays the Network to advertise during the popular show hoping that there are millions of viewers that may be interested in a new credit card.  Companies that advertise commercials will attempt to use target marketing and advertise during shows that they believe have viewers that may have a need for their product.  That’s why you see toys advertised during cartoons. 

Radio and newspaper advertising is similar to television advertising.  Put an ad in the middle of someone else’s content hoping for targeted viewers.

There are a few problems with the previous forms of advertising:

  • Too expensive for most home business owners.
  • DVR and satellite radio have limited Television and radio viewers/listeners.
  • The average person is exposed to hundreds or even thousands of advertising impressions per day.  At some point they just stop paying attention.
  • It’s not targeted enough. 
  • It is not trackable and therefore tough to get and idea of your return on investment.
  • Limited time frame.
  • Interruptive marketing is not as powerful as attraction marketing(explained in another training.)

With the proper training a home business owner can dominate PPC and make a bundle of money.  Another interesting thing about Pay-per-click is the training to learn how to do it properly is inexpensive and simple to understand.  I like to say it’s advertising that just “makes sense.”
Watch the video below then catch my personal note just below the video.
Personally I’ve taken several training courses on the subject and much of it is free.  Before you go out and spend any money learning PPC you should get some of the same free advice that I took.  Taking the free tips and training will also give you an idea as to whether you want to learn more and actually spend money on the training.   There are a lot of so called “gurus” on the subject and they will waste your time and money if you let them.  I will help you avoid them and send you my resources on the subject when you fill in the form below.

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