To Duplicate Or Not To Duplicate

Duplication is a term you will hear regularly in team-building home businesses like Network Marketing. You will hear people say that your team needs to duplicate each others’ efforts to achieve exponential growth.

You’ve probably heard the routine, “If you get 2 people and they get 2 people and they get 2 more…and that happens for one year, you are making serious money.” 

I agree with the math but I can’t stand it when I hear distributors in this industry say things like:

“Make it veeerry simple or your people won’t join.”
“Teach the basic stuff so your team doesn’t get intimidated.”
“It has to appear easy. Nothing too complicated or your people won’t duplicate.”

The networker that wants to oversimplify is suggesting:

  • If it requires too much work your team will quit
  • If it appears too complicated they will get frustrated
  • People don’t have the drive or willingness to learn

This is suggesting to me that the oversimplifier believes the majority of people who join the industry want easy-get-rich-quick.  It is also suggesting that nobody wants to learn.  My question for the oversimplifier is, “are those the type of people you want to surround yourself with?”

Don’t get me wrong, I will work with someone that has ZERO skills as long as they have the desire to succeed. 

I agree you should keep the simple things simple but what is wrong with learning a new skill? What is wrong with teaching someone something other than, “make a list.”

I agree “making a list” can get you started and if you believe you have found something special don’t leave your family and friends behind…but if all you do is make a list it’s not likely to make you wealthy unless you have one GIANT list. 

Once again, duplication is important but the way you go about it is also important.  Give people some credit by teaching them something new.  The best thing you can get out of joining a skilled Marketer is training.  You get to keep your skills no matter how well you do with your new home business.  Heck, I have a close friend that was on the same team a long time ago.  He is not currently in Network Marketing but he took those skills and built himself a pretty cool business.  He has nothing against Relationship Marketing but he had a good idea for a new business and he went for it. 

If you are already in this industry how wealthy are you from the make a list routine?  How does it feel your second time around when you make the same list and call them all again to tell them that this time it’s for real?

More traditional professionals are joining this industry every day.  More people are making a career out of the industry of Network Marketing every day and they are making money and more importantly…enjoying life. 

Guess what they are doing to succeed?  That’s right…they are learning new skills.  This is an industry that can afford you a lifestyle like no other.  Sure you can make $500,000 per year in many other professions and businesses.  But can you do it for a $300 investment while working on your own schedule mostly from home in your pajamas?

Watch the video below to hear about the marketer that wants to work with 4 years olds…huh?

Please make a comment below and express your opinion.

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