Tiger Woods Finishes Fourth and Mickelson Wins Masters

What was more impressive?

Phil Mickelson winning The Masters or Tiger Woods finishing fourth?

Both players faced tremendous distractions going into golf’s most prestigious tournament at Augusta.  In a sport that requires more focus than any other, the two players with the biggest distractions and the least amount of playing time and practice, impressed nearly everyone.

Of course Tiger brought on his own problems jumping from bed to bed and I can never condone that behavior.  For the first time I found myself rooting against him.  However, I was impressed with the steely-eyed focus of the son of the late Earl Woods.  It was also impressive to hear Woods in the interview after the round when he offered no excuses.  He said, “I enter tournaments to win and I didn’t win.  I am disappointed.”

Phil Mickleson’s wife Amy has been battling breast cancer for months and a large portion of the crowd was rooting for Phil and his family.  As Jim Nance said, “This is a win for the family.”

After draining a birdie on the last hole the Green Jacket winner walked up towards the clubhouse and was greeted by his wife with a long tearful embrace.  Personally I found myself tearing up as I watched the couple holding each other as I thought about how breast cancer has taken it’s toll on my own family. 

The 2010 Masters Tournament for me was the most ingriguing I have seen.  Just watching two talented golfers maintain their focus with non-golf distractions lingering in the back of their minds was the most impressive sight to me. 

Who were you rooting for?  Do you know someone that maintains extreme focus during rough times?  Please share your thougths below?

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Patrick Morris April 11, 2010 at 6:49 pm


I as well have the same opinion as you on this golf torment I was rooting for Phil Mickelson’s to win the Masters for his wife Amy so they could share this memory together. Time is so precious when a love one has cancer .I know I lost my brother Mike to cancer he was only 37 years old when he left us. He had a beautiful wife and five outstanding children that truly miss their dad. When he found out he had cancer he had a little over six months to live. Once he understood that he was on a timeline he used his time wisely. He did more being sick with cancer in six months than most people do in there lifetime. God was always first in his life even as a little boy and he always served others throughout his entire life. He was a fantastic brother a great husband and incredible father. .He loved God, his wife, his children, his family and everyone else around him. And when he finally died he died in peace because every one he loved was standing around his bedside and were praying for him, he just smiled and just slip off to sleep. Phil Mickelson and my brother Mike are quality family men. Tiger needs to work on those skill sets. I can’t and I will not judge Tiger Woods I can only wish him well and encourage him to do a better job on being a loving husband and father. Personally I like Tiger Woods I’m just disappointed in what he has brought to the table for the whole world to see. If he can take some of his God given talents that he has on the golf course and applied it to his marriage and to being a good father he should land back on his feet. At this stage in my life I can forgive a person easier than I could when I was younger. I wish Tiger well and I hope we can all get back to the business of living our own lives again.


Jim Jackson April 12, 2010 at 10:31 am

Great Masters with so many stories that touched the heart and yes Phil was the best story. Relative to Tiger what I liked was in his post tournament interview he said that being fourth was disappointing that he enters a tournament to win. I like that mind set of playing to win. I hope he turns a new chapter in his book of life.

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