Social Network Marketing-Don’t Be A Jerk

“How do you market your business using social networks?”

“How do I use Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to sell my stuff?”

Marketing on Facebook and other social sites is not the same as advertising on television, radio, and magazines.  There is an art to it.  There are rules(or at least there should be.)

Network marketers, home business owners, small businesses, and even large corporations are holding endless meetings and brainstorming sessions trying to figure it out.  Most of them are used to pushing their ideas, products, and services right into the face of potential customers.  This is not the way to do business on social networks.  All it does is turn people off.  Think about it.  How annoying is it when you get on Facebook to see the new pictures of your niece and you have three messages in your inbox.  Each message is someone basically giving you their thirty second commercial.  What do you do? 

I’ll tell you what I do.  I delete their message and delete them from my friend or followers list and move on. 

Using social sites is similar to attraction marketing(attract people to your product or services instead of throwing it in their face.)  Attract customers to you by offering some sort of value to them.  Give them something without expecting anything in return.  Create a relationship and develop trust.  Once you have a trusting relationship you may make a recommendation to them(not a sales pitch.)

Let’s take a look at the four network circles from smallest to largest. 

  1. Your customer circle– this is the inner most circle and it is the smallest.  These people trust you and you have something that they are willing to buy because it solves a problem for them.
  2. Your circle of influence– the next biggest circle.  The people here trust you and are willing to buy from you but you don’t have anything currently that fills a need for them. 
  3. Your network– the people here know you.  They may like you and the relationship has begun.  However, it is not yet at a level of trust that they are willing to part with their money based on your recommendation.
  4. Extended– this is a new circle made even bigger because of the internet and social networks.  People in this area are here just because you sent them a friend request for the sake of increasing the size of your outermost circle.  They don’t know much about you and their is no relationship developing yet.

Ultimately your goal is to increase your customer base so how do you do that?  Which circle should you focus on? 

Many will tell you to increase the size of your extended network by sending endless friend requests on Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, and others as well as following people on Twitter.  If you do this your other circles will get bigger over time, naturally.

“I say no way.”

The focus should be on…well watch the video for the best explanation and increase the size of your team, customer base, and revenues.


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Delilah January 3, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Hi Kenny,
Great information Video on proper Social Network Marketing,
looking forward to your How To Take Charge Webinar tomorrow night.

Delilah Davis

Niki February 23, 2010 at 7:33 pm

I watched this one before… and it was even better the second time!!! Thanks Kenny!!!!!

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