Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring Interview

At the Magnetic Sponsoring office in Austin, Texas recently I attended a workshop with Mike Dillard.  It was a revealing day as I sat with ten other entrepreneurs that were looking to take their marketing to a higher level. 

The day was full of surprises including the fact that there were two people there that were not in Network Marketing or affiliate marketing.  It just goes to show that attraction marketing and inbound marketing are strategies that work for all business.

There were 7 critical things I took from this meeting that may affect you. 

  1. Everyone should have a “Nerve Center.”  That is what Mike calls it.  That is what I have here for my blog.  Your blog should be your central hub that you have total control over.  Your blog is the center of your marketing and networking universe.  Your social networking and advertising should all give people the opportunity to get back to your blog.  If you don’t have one yet my favorite training is of course… Fast Track Blog Blueprint
  2. Your blog should be self-hosted and it should look professional.  Some people go cheap on their blog and load it up with great content but fail to add any cool design to it. 
  3. A clear picture.  This was a big one.  Many of the attendees were told to work on this one.  When someone visits your blog they should know what they can expect within the first few seconds.  For example, when someone visits this blog they can expect a mix of creative marketing ideas along with personal development that empowers them to take charge of all aspects of their life and home business.
  4. Focus.  All successful entrepreneurs have the ability to focus on the task at hand, be productive, and avoid distractions.  They manage their time well.  This is one that I struggled with in years past.  That changed and now I even have a series for Productivity.
  5. Outsource.  Do the things you are good at and that are critical to your business.  Pay others to do the rest. 
  6. Being cheap is costly.  This was not said outright but I picked up on it when listening to Mike Dillard.  He utilizes his strenghts and pays others to do the other stuff.  I learned this one the hard way myself when I used to try and get everything free or for a discount.  Now when a new training or product comes out that I want…I just buy it rather than take months to learn it and waste time.  Time is money.
  7. There are two skills everyone can improve on.  Copyrighting and the ability to effectively communicate with prospects.  Both are sorta tied together.  Both are forms of communication.  One is in print or even video and the other is in person or by phone.

Watch this 3-part interview and learn the answer to the secret question I asked in private while everyone else was eating.

In the interview you heard Mike talk about online versus offline marketing and how they both work.  It’s just a matter of what works for you. 

The important note to make is that whether online or offline there is one thing you need to be good at to succeed in this business…

You need to be able to effectively communicate with people:

  • What do you say?  How do you say it?
  • How do you answer questions effectively?
  • Do you handle objections?
  • What should you avoid saying?

This is the skill you need or your other efforts go to waste.  Don’t think because you learn how to master internet marketing that you can create some videos, blog posts, and write a couple emails…then cash checks. 

Most smart marketers realize this and that’s why I was not surprised when the product manager answered a question that I asked in private.  I asked him,  “what is your number one selling product right now.”

I had to corner the project manager and secretly pry this information from him.  It’s valuable information to have.  This is the kind of thing you want everyone on your team to have but NONE of your competitors.

His answer was BlackBelt Recruiting

In this course Mike reveals how he went from certified sponsoring wussy to sponsoring 10-20 reps per month without fear

When the top person in your industry has several products that have
helped thousands of people and you know the number one selling
product…you should get it.

Check it out.  Sign up for the email series and you will know why.

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