Learn the Success Equation

Once I learned this equation…

Success Came to ME!

Now before you go thinking this is just another example of someone saying if you find 4 people that find 4 people that find…

That is not what this article is about…promise.

Think back to elementary school when you were learning your multiplication tables:

2 x 2 = 4

3 x 3 = 9

4 x 4 = 17

5 x 5 = 25

At this point are you trying to figure out the significance of each equation?  Are you trying to figure out how simple math can make such a difference?

When you looked at those numbers and answers above did you notice the

4 x4 =17

Most people notice right away that this is wrong.  Some may even skip the rest of the article or jump to conclusions.  Noticing that it is incorrect is one thing but some people will FOCUS on it.

The point is, in your life do you focus on the things that are right or do you focus on the things that are wrong? 

Did you know that whatever you focus on…EXPANDS

Hard to believe right? 

Lets do this the way so many people do…unfortunately.  Thing about the worst part of your year this year.  Just the one part that you would like to have over and make it better.  What was it that could have ruined your year?

If you focus on it too long you will start to think of other parts of your year you would like to have back or change…then more and more.  Pretty soon you start to actually feel physiological affects of the negative thoughts.  You get tired and drained as you concentrate on all the negative things from the last year. 

Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts which in turn attract…you get the point.

NOW for the great news…

It works the other way too!

  • Focus on what you have.
  • Focus on what you love about your life
  • Focus on what makes your life great
  • Focus on things that make you happy
  • Focus on the people that make you happy

It is amazing how life-changing this can be for some people. 

The fact that you are hear means you can read.

     774 million people in the world can’t read

The fact you are reading this means you have electricity.

     1.5 Billion people do not have access to electricity

Do you have clean water?

     884 million people lack access to safe water supplies

Wow!  What an incredible life you have.

Please share one thing you are thankful for below.

All statistics were verified by what I believe to be credible sources at the time.  However, God did not drop out of the sky and tell me for sure so I don’t know…the point is…

Your life is pretty GREAT

Tell us what you are thankful for below.

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Amy Hagerup August 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Okay, I will admit I skim blog posts to get to the meat. But this one – I read every word. Wanted to get to your point. I’ve heard this about mindset many times before but this was really good. I loved how you took me from point A (yes, I noticed the error right away and breathed a sigh of relief when I realized you were going to make a point about it) to point B. I am thankful for my amazing family, a fantastic marriage, one daughter starting college (she’s going into music business so can’t really do that without more formal training – yes, I read your other post about college no thanks) and another daughter who just got her first real job. I am thankful for mail being delivered to a box at the end of my driveway, am thankful for grocery stores full of incredible selections, am thankful for the ability to buy gas without waiting in long lines sometimes for more than a day (that is we would park our car in line and come back to it when the gas arrived), am thankful for a gas oven (instead of a wood-powered one) and an electric frig (instead of an enclosed screen window for the food), and for hot water right to my spigot. I’m thankful for good health and the ability to choose what I put in my body to build its health. I’m thankful for Jesus in my life Who gave so much for me. Okay, I guess I could go on and on. Thanks for the post. blessings, Amy

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