How To Deal With Change Effectively

Dealing with change can be a daunting task for individuals and organizations. 

Some look at change as admitting that their current situation or method is wrong or bad.  It’s a shot to the ego to admit we need to fix something we are currently doing and it can be worse to hear someone else tell us change is needed. If it’s forced by someone else then the battle may be with the “norm”.  Many individuals would like to just go on about their business the way they always have.  Any change in their current situation could mean the worst possible consequences…in their eyes.

Others look at change as a new exciting challenge.  The chance to get out of a bad situation.  The opportunity to start fresh.  The challenge to improve on something that is already good and make it great. 

Individuals and organizations around the world right now are being forced into change or continue on the same downward spiral.  The consequences of not changing may be worse so they are willing to give it a go. 

Often times humans are willing to try something new only when their current situation becomes unbearable or the potential new situation looks so good they are willing to give it a try. 

A big change we are seeing now is a mass of people deciding to get out of the employee world and into the entrepreneur world.  Some of them feel as though they are being forced into this decision because they have been laid off. Others are getting prepared and starting part-time businesses such as network marketing, direct sales, or an online business.

Performance coach Jim Jackson says, “Make the change to improve the current situation instead of waiting for it to get bad.”

Knowing that so many individuals have difficulty accepting change in their life I decided to approach the “guru” on this subject.  In fact he wrote a book called, “Power To Change”. I stopped by Jim’s house for an interview.  Listen to what Jim had to say in this informal interview.

Jim Jackson Interview Part 2

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