Homeless Man With Golden Voice Discovered

The homeless man with the radio voice is being flooded with job offers after this Youtube video goes viral. 

Ted Williams is the homeless man with a unique voice that is deep, silkly, and powerful, yet he may have continued to live on the streets if not for Youtube. 

…and some people say there is no opportunity out there.  Sure Ted was pretty lucky since he probably doesn’t keep a video camera in his grociery cart and probably doesn’t have an internet connection under the freeway or at a shelter. 

But that’s not the point.

The homeless man with the Darth Vader like voice has become famous overnight.  He is being flooded with job offers and you can expect to see him next on David Letterman, Jay Leno, and any other talk show that wants to share a feel good story with their viewers.

So back to the point…

Ted Williams (no not the baseball player) the man with the voice is famous because we have avenues like Youtube to share content that would never have been shared outside of living rooms and dorm rooms. 

We have article directories, blogs, and social networks that allow us to share user generated content. 

Just last month Justin Bieber won the AMA Entertainer of the Year award.  Guess how he was discovered?


It’s a great story but the question now is…

What talent do you have to share with the world?  Whatever it is, put it on Youtube and either you will be discovered or you will build a fanbase, following, or customer base if you have something to share or sell.

Ted Williams-Radio Voice, Justin Bieber and who else?  Help me out and give me some other examples in the comments below.  What is your favorite amazing discovery story?  Let everyone know below. 


Kenny Atcheson

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Amy Hagerup January 6, 2011 at 5:12 am

This is amazing. I just discovered Ted’s video yesterday and showed it to my husband. His voice totally takes one by surprise. I think a good lesson in it is his confession of drinking and doing drugs – bad choices that took him down the wrong path. I also loved how very thankful he was the for dollar in the first video take. I think you are right – it shows how powerful youtube is. I need to be using it more! Thanks for your help too. Amy

admin January 15, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Yes you do need to get on Youtube more Amy.

You have a great demeanor and your are easy to listen to. Send me an email when you record a new Youtube video.

I will be the first to watch it.


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