College No Thanks

The link between wealth and college – those on the Forbes 400 list in 2006 with a college degree were worth less on average than those without a college degree.

$3.1 Billion vs. $5.9 Billion

Just say NO to college!  Is that the new mantra?

For some people, taking them by the hand through college will stunt their growth.  It will hold them back.  

It reminds me of the book I read, “How to Develop the Mind of Einstein.”

In the book you learn that Einstein’s parents let him roam as a young child.  They let him explore.  He had to learn how to learn on his own.  Sure he was probably genetically gifted but at least they didn’t hold him back.

How many businesses do you go to that have college graduates managing the place?


When I ask most people this question…they say, “most of them“. 

I reply, “you are right.  I did say manage…not own.”

The owner was learning how to run a business while the manager was in college.

I can sense parents with their hand on their cell phones getting ready to curse me out right now…so lets get it out in the open.

I have a college degree.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Business.  I didn’t bother to go back for the Masters or Doctorate because the company I work for does not require a Masters or Doctorate.  That will always be the case because I am the owner. 

I have nothing against college.  I am all for learning and reading.  This year I have taken 11 courses on business, marketing, and wealth.  This year I will read 50 books and write a book.

I read the Bible every day and learn something every time. 

Learning is great.  Learning is fun.  Learning is the only way to improve.

Not everyone has to go to college to learn.  If you feel your kid does, that is fine but some people treat it like the service.  Your child has a problem respecting authority and no discipline…send him into the Army! 

Quick Interruption—>I fully respect our service men and women.  If not for them we would not live in such a great country…Thank You.

This has more to to with beliefs and attitudes of the parents that push their kids into the service or college.

Some people should have a college degree.  If my Doctor does not have a degree…there is a problem.

For others it may or may not be the answer.  Don’t assume college is the answer to everything.

So what is the answer to all this?

I believe colleges should:

  • Offer more classes on running a business.
  • Offer classes on how to be an entrepreneur.
  • Offer classes teaching a success mindset.
  • Offer classes on organizational skills.
  • Offer classes on time management.
  • Offer classes on sales training.
  • Offer classes on marketing that is up to date.

I am happy to say that Bethany College is now offering a course that may have some answers.

Unfortunately when the colleges start recruiting for professors to teach entrepreneur classes the professor will probably be required to have a college degree…Ha.

If you have your own business and had to choose one or the other…would you prefer to have someone running your business that does not have a degree but has experience running a business or someone that has a degree with no experience?  Tell me below.

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