Brand Yourself Properly or Perish

Some people are going to read this and think…Brand?  They will say their brand is their:

  • Nutrition company
  • Communications business
  • Skin Care Affiliation
  • Technology Business…

Unfortunately they don’t get it.

Others will think, “You mean have my own blog, create my own products, and do that attraction marketing thing?”

The answer is…sorta.

When I say brand I am talking about what others think of you.  How you position yourself in the eyes of others.

  • Do you care about them?
  • Are you a leader?
  • Are you just trying to push your stuff?
  • Are you a good communicator?  Do you listen?

Consider this.

I used to be one of those annoying people that tries to push his own stuff because it’s the greatest and everyone should use it.  Now I truly believed that but that was irrelevant to the person I was talking to.  Fast forward years later…

I met Andy for a cup of coffee to discuss the industry of Network Marketing and to get to know him better.  He lives around the corner and we spoke on several occasions by phone but never in person.  Andy is a big believer in the industry and he has done very well. 

Pushy SalesmanCome to find out, Andy had a transplant a few years ago.  He was telling me a story about a guy that was trying to recruit him into a nutritional beverage company.  Andy explained to this guy that he can’t take added nutrition because if it boosts his immune system his anti-rejection medicine(because of the transplant) might not work.  The guy replies with, “it won’t do anything to your immune system.”

Now Andy is irritated.  The guy is either selling colored water or he doesn’t care about Andy’s health.  All he wants to do is make the sale.

In some cases a salesperson needs to make a sale on the first point of contact because there will not be a second one.   That is not the case with this industry. 

If you treat people with respect and actually listen to what they are saying you may cross paths again in another venture.  If all you cared about was the sale you’ve just eliminated someone from the list of people to contact if you ever have anything else going or your company comes out with a product that might work for someone like Andy.

Back to the coffee shop…

After Andy tells me the story we just talk about the industry and I offer up some simple blogging ideas for growing a business.  We also discuss other simple online marketing ideas and go on our merry way.  I didn’t bother talking about the company I am with because I believe it’s the Worlds Best Nutrition…but that means it is not good for Andy.  Our relationship continues.

Maybe my company will come out with some DNA based anti-rejection product in the future or maybe his wife will want to use the skin serum.  At the very least he knows that I listened and I care.

So what does all this have to do with branding?

Well I believe you want to brand yourself as someone who cares about others.  You are trying to help people and you realize that not everyone is going to be a fit for what you are doing. 

You have an abundance mentality and it shows.  The interesting thing about this mentality is it attracts people to you.  It makes them curious. 

You can take this whole attitude online as well.  Give people value, ideas and tips before pushing your product and company on them. 

The best way to take it online is to launch your own blog.  It doesn’t take a techie and it’s easy to maintain.  You can share your thoughts, ideas, and stories a couple times a week.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of content yet.  Launch your blog anyway.  All it takes is one article or video and you could have your next lead, teammate, customer, or relationship.

For someone afraid of the online technical stuff…a blog is easy to maintain.  It is as simple as sending an email once it’s setup.  The initial setup is the most work and there are plenty of people and services that will do it for you if that is the roadblock for you.  Just get started!

Call me if you need your blog set up.  If not call someone, anyone.  Just get started!

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Tracy July 20, 2010 at 4:18 am

That was very helpful. Thank you! I am behind the times as far as blogging and I want to get started but, I’m not sure where to start. Any pointers on what blog source to use and do I just start blogging about me, my service, anything that’s on my mind… I mean what do I blog about in the beginning? I appreciate your feedback on this matter. Thanks!

admin July 20, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Blogging is the thing to do to get noticed quickly Tracy. You can also earn a ton of respect if you truly share valuable insight and tips with others. Most importantly, come from the heart.

As far as getting a blog going. It’s easy to maintain. The initial setup is the part where so many people get stuck. For this reason I’ve added that to our products and services. Very reasonable price. Inquire when you are ready.

Tracy Allen March 27, 2011 at 12:17 pm

Oh how funny!!! I am just now seeing your response to my question and I get to look back and see where I am now! Amazing. I have since learned how to blog (better than when I asked this question anyway – LOL) and have 2 blogs even! As part of branding my name, I use the most. Someone just sent me a text inquiring about a service I provide and said they found me on this site. My video about personal branding. I’m humbled right now! Lol! Thank you for answering my question so long ago. :)

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