Bethany College Adds Network Marketing

Three things I find interesting about Bethany College offering a Network Marketing degree that I will cover in this article: 

  1. Network Marketers are celebrating everywhere.  Why does an entire industry have to celebrate because a college is validating the legitimacy of their industry?  More on that in a moment.
  2. Who is going to teach the classes?  Is someone qualified to teach it that has had success in home business industry?  Highly successful Network Marketers make a lot more than a college professor without set hours and a time clock…time will tell. 
  3. Why aren’t more colleges offering these courses and why has it taken so long?

1 – Why are Network Marketers celebrating and why do they have to?

This industry is consistently trying to prove that it is a legitimate industry and I think that is a shame.  Skeptics will always point to the Ponzi and Pyramid schemes and they have no idea of the difference.  I won’t go into that here because the definitions can easily be found on Google.

It is one thing not to like it…just like you may not enjoy being a tax collector…but it is pure ignorance to act as though it is illegal or a scam.

Some of the smartest business minds in the world have endorsed it in some way or another including Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, and Richard Branson. 

If your skeptical friends and family are smarter than those 4 guys then listen to them…if not…ignore their ignorance.  Move on! 

How do you prove to skeptics that it is legitimate? 

If you feel the need to be the defense attorney for the entire industry, create an email that you save and keep handy or a PDF or Word document that has links to articles like this one and Bethany College and let them read and learn.  If they refuse to do so, you don’t want them near your team anyway because you want people that are ready and willing to learn.

2 – Who is teaching the classes? 

I doubt if they will find an active Network Marketer with any success to teach because they are too busy making a fortune building teams, prospecting, and training. 

Unless…this could be a good place to prospect…hmmm. 

Maybe one of the retired masterminds will do it as a way to give back.  Or maybe it is possible to have a professor without experience teach the history and legitimacy of the industry without getting into the “How To Succeed in Network Marketing.”

Charles King does a great job of this in his book The New Professionals. (A must read by the way.)  Some of the stats are outdated but the concepts are great. 

3 – Why aren’t more colleges offering these courses and why did it take so long?

 The media has played a big role in giving the entire industry a big and continuous black eye.  All they ever talk about are the scandals.  Unfortunately this gives people that have yet to investigate the industry a reason to NOT do so.  The truth is, the stories you hear are usually NOT Network Marketing.  They are an illegal Ponzi, Pyramid, or scam POSING as Network Marketing. 

So why the black eye that never heals and how have people in the industry played a role in this?

I believe there is one giant reason…it is too inexpensive to get started.  It is so inexpensive that the barrier to entry is low and any ignoramous can get started.  It allows the “get rich quick” dillusional dreamers to get in for a month, quit, then tell everyone its a scam and doesn’t work. 

Let your voice be heard on this subject below.  This is a passionate subject for some so please keep it clean.  What do you have to say?

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