2010 Election Vote None of the Above in Nevada?

The elections are over and thank goodness we don’t have to watch any more smear campaigns.
Many of the people I spoke to felt like we had to choose the lesser of two evils. 
In Nevada we have an option:
None of the above.”
We are one of the few states that has that option and this year I read that option was chosen at 2%.
That is a lot of people that would rather waste their vote to make a point than choose from the selections that are actually humans?
Wow!  Are we in trouble?
Why so many people voting none of the above?
I believe more people are hurting financially right now than at any other time in our lifetimes.  None of these candidates has a good plan to create jobs. 
So what does it all mean:
  • That’s bad news for people that need jobs.
  • That’s average news for people that are entrepreneurial.
  • It’s great news for the industry of Network Marketing.
Entrepreneurial people will find a way to make it work.  I have a friend that is having the best year of his life.   We will call him “R”. 
“R” put his head down.  He brainstormed.  He read over 100 books this year.  He took additional training and coaching.
And with double digit unemployment and the economy in the tank he is having the greatest year of his life. 
The catch…
Not everyone can do what “R” does.  He has special talents. He has to travel a lot and spend time away from his family.  He is probably near a genius level IQ.
The other catch…
Most businesses cost at least 50K to get started.  Then you have monthly fees and all kinds of risk…and lately our government has not made it any easier on small businesses.
The Great News…
  • Network Marketing is still inexpensive upfront.
  • It is still low cost monthly.
  • Join a good team and get training you might pay thousands to learn elsewhere.
  • Get free products that you can use anyway.
  • Be part of something special.
  • Make new friends.
  • Join the right company and be part of history.
The Best News of all…

You can do it.

You don’t have to be a genius.
You don’t have to have a bunch of money.
You don’t have to be pretty or handsome.
You don’t have to have talent.
You don’t have to be white, black, hispanic, or man or woman.

 You can just be you and work hard. 

 It all comes down to effort and action.
I hope you get the training, join the team that wants to see you succeed, and you make 2011 your best year ever.
All My Best,

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Miles November 16, 2010 at 8:12 am

2 years ago people voted for “change”. In 2010, they voted for “change” again. A look back at history reveals the same pattern.

Look, I know the economic situation is awful for many people. However, I’m not in that camp that it is the government’s job to create a job for me – that is my responsibility and the tools and resources are there for all of us, who are so inclined, to create a better life for ourselves.

I simply wonder when the American electorate will come to understand that there is no real difference in the actions of the two political parties, except for what they lead the people to believe. The one thing that remains constant is that the people who get elected and sent to Washington, DC gain enormous benefits, privileges and wealth while the people who send them there are cast aside and left to fend for themselves, until the next election.

The Federal Government is an enormous bureaucracy and the change that people claim they want, will not take place in short order. Senators get 6 years (to make changes), Representatives get 4 years (to make changes), the President gets 4 years (to make changes). When those “changes” the President makes actually takes place, that President is out of office. Presidents can only serve 2 four year terms, Senators can serve unlimited 6 year terms and Congresspeople can serve unlimited 2 year terms.

If voters want a “change”, where do they think that change is likely to emanate? It is time that the American electorate understand that the “change” they need lies within.

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